Organ donation: greatest gift one can provide humanity

Organ donation: greatest gift one can provide humanity

To the Editor:

Regarding Mr. Ronald Phillips, the Ohio death row inmate whose execution is being held up for a few days because he wishes to donate his organs to help others, I would like to ask why the organs of death row inmates across America aren’t always donated so that they can provide the gift of life to help someone else?

Organ donation in America is inexplicably given a bad rap. Your readers can rest assured that physicians will not “allow someone to die so that they can harvest their organs!”

My father is a kidney specialist for children, mother is a pediatric nurse, so I’ve been immersed in the medical world my entire life and likewise possess an iota of inside information regarding this issue. Regardless of one’s belief in an afterlife, the fact remains that no one can physically take their organs with them after death, correct? Looking at this issue logically then, for what reason would one not donate their organs to provide someone else the gift of life? Greed? Hatred for humanity? Consider, is there any greater gift which one can provide humanity upon their earthly departure?

In any case, the fact remains that Ronald Phillips is going to be put to death for his unspeakable crimes, of that there is no question; so our governor made the correct decision by delaying Phillips’ execution for a few days to allow for the realization of his dying wish to provide life to other deserving individuals. Bravo John Kasich!

Tom Prebis