Police reports

Woman said her property was donated without her permission

Wadsworth Police Department

Dec. 18 – A Garfield Avenue woman reported that her former roommate gave away her property to a local charity without her permission. An investigation is being conducted to determine if this is a criminal or a civil matter.

Wadsworth Police Department

Dec. 24 – Police stopped a vehicle on Hinkle Drive just after 1 p.m. upon learning that the owner, Robert Fandal, 58, of Medina, had a warrant for failure to appear on a traffic violation. Fandal was booked at the police station and later released on bond.

Dec. 24 – Police took a report from a residence in the 100 block of Mills Street in reference to a wrought iron railing being stolen and a lock being damaged on a detached garage. There are no suspects at this time.

Dec. 23 – A Wadsworth resident contacted the police department concerning some letters that she has received from another individual. A report was taken and the matter is being investigated.

Dec. 23 – Wadsworth Municipal Court issued a warrant for Annmarie Skadra for failure to appear at a court trial on wrongful entrustment charges.

Dec. 23 – Police came into contact with a reportedly intoxicated male at a High Street gas station around 10:30 p.m. After investigating the circumstances, the man, William Sloan, 34, of Oak Street, was arrested and charged with OVI and with having an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle.

Dec. 23 – Officers responded to a residence in the 900 block of Broad Street in reference to a burglary. The investigation is ongoing.

Dec. 22 – Police responded to a South Pardee Street apartment building around 10:15 p.m. for a domestic disturbance. One subject was arrested and charged with domestic violence, unlawful restraint and possession of marijuana paraphernalia.

Dec. 21 – Police responded to a Highland Avenue residence in reference to a complaint of custody interference. An investigation is ongoing.

Dec. 21 – A Wadsworth resident reported that she has received threats from her daughter’s ex-boyfriend. A report was filed.

Dec. 21 – Management from a High Street business reported a theft that occurred on Dec. 20. A report was taken and the matter is being investigated.

Dec. 21 – Police stopped a vehicle on High Street near Valley View Drive around 1 a.m. for a traffic violation. Officers claim that the driver, Patrick Thombs, 50, of Wolf Avenue, was under the influence of alcohol and reported that he failed several field sobriety tests. He was arrested and cited with OVI.

Dec. 20 – Police responded to the area of Chestnut and Main streets regarding an argument going on between two neighbors. After questioning, both neighbors were cited for disorderly conduct.

Dec. 20 – Police responded to a Williams Reserve Boulevard retail store in reference to a shoplifter. The suspect, Elizabeth Douglas, 50, of Norton, was arrested and charged with theft.

Dec. 20 – Police responded to the 600 block of Broad Street in an attempt to locate a juvenile with an active warrant for a probation violation. The juvenile was located and arrested without incident.

Dec. 20 – Wadsworth Municipal Court issued a warrant for James Gorrell for failure to appear for sentencing on an underage consumption charge.

Dec. 19 – Wadsworth Municipal Court issued a warrant for Marcus Krese for failure to appear for arraignment.

Dec. 18 – Police responded to a Smokerise Drive retail store in reference to a theft offense. There are no suspects at this time.

Dec. 18 – Police arrested Crystal Gargasz, 35, of Durling Drive, at a traffic stop around 9 p.m. Gargasz had a warrant from the Medina County Sheriff’s Office. She was transported to their custody.

Rittman Police Department

Dec. 26 – Police spoke with parties regarding a theft at a residence.

Dec. 26 – A caller reported that he went to a game room at a South Main Street bar where he said people were playing slot machines and smoking. He said the person in charge was rude to him and he was concerned that illegal gambling was going on. Police advised that they would check on the situation.

Dec. 26 – A woman reported that she was the victim of a hit-skip accident in a North Main Street parking lot. There was a dent on the front passenger side door of her vehicle. Police reported that they didn’t believe the dent was caused in the parking lot because of the salt spray that they saw on the damaged area of the car. Officers recommended that the woman call her insurance company.

Dec. 26 – A caller from Sunset Avenue advised that a suspicious looking white Ford was parked very close to his vehicle in the parking lot where he lived.

Dec. 26 – An Ohio Avenue resident reported that someone from First Energy was soliciting door to door in his neighborhood. He asked if First Energy had received permission to solicit. Police told the caller to contact First Energy to check.

Dec. 26 – A Church Street resident reported that she was being harassed by a woman who she claimed had been court ordered to cease contact with the caller and her son. The caller could not find documentation about the court order.

Dec. 26 – An East Ohio Avenue woman reported that she was missing some prescription medication. The woman said she didn’t think the medication was stolen and suspects she lost it during a recent move.

Dec. 26 – A Fairlawn Avenue man reported that several items, including a variety of tools, were missing from his residence. Total value of items missing is $639.

Dec. 25 – A North Main Street resident reported that police needed to check the area because he kept hearing people yelling and dogs barking.

Dec. 25 – A caller reported that his son is at a Fairlawn Avenue residence causing trouble for a woman who lives there. He said that the woman contacted him about his son because she didn’t want to call the police. The caller asked that police go to the residence to make sure that the woman is OK.

Dec. 25 – A Home Street resident reported that he was punched in the nose. When police arrived, the suspect had left the premises and parties involved were uncooperative about pressing charges, officers said.

Dec. 25 – Police stopped a vehicle on East Ohio Avenue for a brake light violation and discovered that the driver, Jacob Haas, did not have a driver’s license. Haas was cited for driving without a license and released.

Dec. 24 – A West Ohio Avenue woman reported that damage had been done to the rear window of her residence. She said that prescription medication had been taken from inside her home.