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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy:

Here at The Post Newspapers, we value your privacy with the utmost importance.

While we do require registration for our comments and give-aways, we do not share your information, including your email address with any third-party. If you do not wish to receive email directly from The Post Newspapers you are presented with the option to opt out.

If you've got any additional questions about The Post Newspapers' privacy policy, please email us at

Our Terms of Service:

The Post Newspapers has enabled comments on our stories because we value what you have to say about your hometown.

By commenting on a story, you agree to these guidelines, which are designed to make our Web site enjoyable and open to all of our readers.

These include:

    Personal attacks will not be tolerated: We encourage our readers to use the comments as a forum for debate as long as it is kept mature and    civil. Personal attacks close the door to rational debate, so we approach them with a zero-tolerance policy

    Comments must stay on the topic presented in the article. Comments that are off-topic will be deleted.

    We take a zero tolerance policy on spamming or trolling, and those who violate these rules will be permanently banned from posting comments.

    Hate speech, libel, obscenity and vulgar language will not be tolerated.

For those who make the choice to not follow our rules, you will receive and email warning you of your infraction. Any repeat offenses will lead to your permanent ban from posting comments on our website.

Above all, be a polite, mature adult. This will lead to both you and other users of the site having the best experience possible.